We care for code quality

  • Status: proposed

  • Date: 2022-03-23

Context and Problem Statement

We want our code to be of high quality for the well-known reasons. Therefore, we want to employ a cod quality strategy to safeguard this aim.

Decision Drivers

  • Maintainability

  • Reproducibility (of builds)

  • Adherance to Python style, good practices

  • Automatability (of e.g., doc building)

Considered Options

  • Sonarcloud.io

Decision Outcome

Chosen option: “Sonarcloud.io”, because comes out best.

Pros and Cons of the Options


A free code quality SonarQube instance, provides the standard code quality tools, addressable from CI

  • Good, because Free (as in beer)

  • Bad, because External dependency to a 3rd party platform